Smart Infrastructure

Optimize the efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability of your communities infrastructure.
Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

We use smart lighting technologies to help building owners save energy and create a better place for people to work or live. Our services include advanced lighting control systems, sensors, and automation. We can help lower energy costs, improve safety and security, and connect with other smart infrastructure projects to make communities more efficient.

Wi-Fi Cell Sites

A strong and dependable Wi-Fi connection is a key part of smart infrastructure because it helps devices and services communicate seamlessly. Our Wi-Fi cell site services can strengthen that connection, helping devices connect to the internet more efficiently and making data transfers faster. With efficient and reliable Wi-Fi cell site services, communities and public entities can now attract new businesses and residents to an area while also supporting the needs of current residents and businesses.
First point view of e-bike on bike lane

Bike & E-Bike Lanes

Bike and e-bike infrastructure has become essential part of smart infrastructure solutions. This growing infrastructure solution can help promote healthy and eco-friendly transportation, ease traffic congestion, and make it easier to reach local businesses, schools, and public services.

Camera Systems

Smart camera systems provide practical video data analysis and real-time monitoring, helping communities improve public safety by deterring crime and monitoring high-traffic areas like parking lots, campuses, and public spaces. Our smart camera solutions can also assist in traffic management by providing valuable data on vehicle and pedestrian traffic patterns, helping with urban planning and development. Intelligent camera systems help make your community a safer and more livable place to live, work, and visit.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

IoT sensors help communities and public entities monitor their environment, traffic, infrastructure, and waste management. Our expert services can help you to utilize these tools to improve public safety, optimize energy consumption, and reduce environmental impact.

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