About Us

Muller Infrastructure is a leading public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure solutions provider. We offer a project delivery approach centered on design-build-finance-operate-maintain to install or upgrade existing or new infrastructure projects. Our company delivers an array of high-quality infrastructure solutions, including stormwater and green infrastructure upgrades, energy infrastructure upgrades, smart infrastructure, and intelligent building optimizations.

We are committed to forming long-term partnerships with higher education institutions and public agencies to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of communities. We offer a full menu of project delivery services, financing options, and a team of experts with decades of experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our approach allows clients to focus on delivering citizen and student services while entrusting us to modernize and future-proof systems, facilities, and underlying infrastructure.

Our Organization

A Real Partner

Muller Infrastructure is proud to be a part of the Muller family of companies, a name synonymous with quality and excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and turnkey infrastructure solutions. Our expertise is backed by both Muller, Inc. and DFM Development Services, and our owner, David Muller, is always available to our clients.

At Muller Infrastructure, we can adapt to your needs, whether you need help with small or large projects, and offer both traditional and alternative delivery methods. When you work with Muller Infrastructure, you can trust that you are getting the best of the Muller organization and a commitment to excellence.

Benefits of Working with Muller Infrastructure Under a P3.

Our team has decades of experience and includes some of the foremost P3 experts. Using our broad capabilities and the P3 model, Muller Infrastructure can offer significant value to our clients. 

  • Achieving sustainability goals, SMART growth, and ESG promises
  • Solving complex infra challenges
  • Remaining in or achieving local, state, federal compliance
  • Saving money via operational efficiencies
  • Providing budget and recurring costs predictability
  • Extending the useful life & future-proofing of core infra assets
  • Creating a resilient campus
  • Upgrading systems and services to clients and end-users
  • Taking advantage of new technology
  • Improving reliability & predictability of core infrastructure
  • De-risking operational and maintenance programs
  • Pro-active versus deferred maintenance
  • Enabling a performance-based contractual model for robust accountability on delivery and maintenance of assets
  • Providing an integrated, bundled solution versus one-off band-aid thinking
  • Transferring project & financial risk
  • Reducing deferred maintenance backlog
  • Fast-forwarding and accelerating capital programs
  • Addressing funding gaps/shortages
  • Financing projects on a long-term efficient basis versus 100% up front